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High school graduates explored study opportunities in Nueva Esparta

The young people showed great enthusiasm for the various options available on Margarita Island

In the state of Nueva Esparta, the Study Opportunities Fair was held organized by the Ministry of Popular Power for University Education (MPPEU) through the National Income System (SNI), where thousands of high school graduates learned about the academic offerings of different public and private universities in the country, as reported by the Minister of Tourism and godfather of 1×10 in the entity, Alí ​​Padrón.

Padrón highlighted the importance of the fair for students completing their Secondary Education stage, giving them the opportunity to explore their professional future and contribute to the development of the Nueva Esparta state.

“An important opportunity for students who are here in the state of Nueva Esparta. More than 6300 students would be graduating this year and this is an opportunity to look for where to study, and have the certain possibility of staying here in the state and developing the great potential that this state has,” commented Padrón.

For his part, the Vice Minister for the Qualitative Transformation of University Education, Domingo Medina, emphasized the alignment of academic offers with the productive engines of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, preparing young people for the development of the country.

“The fair is being organized based on the productive engines of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda and the contributions that the university sector, each of the careers and national training programs contribute to these economic engines,” said Medina.

Students excited about opportunities

The participating high school students showed great enthusiasm for the various options available.

“I would love to study Criminal Sciences,” said Johanderly Gómez, a student present at the fair.

“I am going to study at the Experimental University of Security and here at the fair I had the opportunity to share with students and teachers from this university with whom I talked about the career,” he added.

The Study Opportunities Fair is an initiative to guarantee access to university education in Venezuela, promoting the personal and professional development of young people and the growth of the country. In the case of Nueva Esparta, the prioritized study areas are closely related to tourism, technology and industry, key sectors for the development of the Special Economic Zone.

Also present at the activity were the authority of the Special Economic Zone of Nueva Esparta, Samir Al Attrach; the PSUV liaison in the state, Giuseppe Alessandrello; the mayor of the Arismendi municipality, Alí ​​Romero, among other authorities.

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