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Margarita International Airport launches stairs module

The work is the product of the response to the people that is given through the 1X10 System of Good Government

In record time, a new staircase module was built at the Santiago Mariño International Airport in the state of Nueva Esparta, which will contribute to maintaining comfortable and safe spaces.

The information was released on Ministry of Transport, through his account on the social network X.

“With the traditional ribbon cutting, the new staircase module of the GJ International Airport was inaugurated. Santiago Mariño of Nueva Esparta, on behalf of the authorities of the Venezuelan air sector #DeLaManoConMaduro Ministry of Popular Power for Transportation @TransporteGobVe,” the ministerial entity published on the social network.

Photo: Ministry of Transport

In this regard, it was reported that this work is the product of the response to the people that is given through the System 1X10 of the Good Government, which is carried out to strengthen public services.

“This large-scale work, built in record time, is an example of the 1×10 development plans of the Good Government through @BAERVenezuela, for the strengthening of services, by guaranteeing comfortable and safe spaces, in the national area. of the island terminal The Great Venezuela Transportation Mission committed to the people! #DeLaManoConMaduro” she expressed.

On the other hand, the Bolivariana de Aeropuertos (BAER) completed the demarcation work on aircraft positions and the internal services guide of the apron area of ​​the GJ International Airport. Santiago Mariño from Nueva Esparta.

“Simultaneously, the identification and delineation of threshold 09 of the runway was carried out. Additionally, the demarcation and painting of the visa and contact zone, taxiways, waiting area and runway intersection of the island terminal continue to be carried out,” he says. Press release of the Ministry of Transportation.


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