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The association of film authors celebrated 50 years in Nueva Esparta

Unearte students learned about the history of cinema alongside renowned national filmmakers

The National Association of Film Authors (ANAC), together with students from the National Experimental University of the Arts (Unearte), in Nueva Esparta, celebrated its fiftieth (50) anniversary with the screening of the documentary “Funes, Machine and Heart.”

During the film forum, which took place in the María Nela Alas room, recently recovered by the National Autonomous Center of Cinematography (CNAC), the filmmakers of the documentary debated with young people about the history and future of Venezuelan cinema, as well as This was expressed by Edgar Narváez, president of the ANAC.

“We are taking advantage of this 50th anniversary to debate the present and future of national cinema with young filmmakers, with people who are making films in the regions.

Passion for cinema

For his part, Josué Saavedra, director of the documentary dedicated to the machinist José Manuel Funes, indicated that the feature film deals with the life of this endearing character with more than 60 years of film history, in which he actively participated.

He said that in this documentary the testimonies of his colleagues and friends are recorded, with which they seek to approach the essence that has maintained the mystique of film technicians, above the ups and downs of national cinematography and proposes that new generations understand the commitment and passion that moves the makers of Venezuelan cinema.

“One of the objectives of this documentary is to show that there is a Venezuelan cinema that is being made from another point of view and that we have to continue fighting based on that cinema and make it grow more and more, as my teacher Funes says, and we We did what we had to do, now it is up to the new generations, who must participate and grow in a new cinema,” Saavedra highlighted.

Otman Mirelles, one of the Unearte students who participated in the film forum, expressed his appreciation of the activity and valued the contributions that this type of meeting provides to his training as a professional in the audiovisual arts.

“This activity was very educational, we learned more about the history of cinema in our country, through an emblematic character like Funes, this machinist who gave everything for his profession and who earned the respect and affection of many people. "who admires him for his passion and dedication to national cinema," said the student.  

A recovered space for cinema in Nueva Esparta

Carlos Azpúrua, president of the CNAC, was present at the cinema forum for the 50th anniversary of the ANAC, and during his speech he highlighted the recent recovery of the María Nela Alas movie theater, which was built during the first Latin American and Caribbean film festival. .

“It is a reason for joy to be here and deliver a recovered work like this room so that it can serve as a fundamental element in the teaching of audiovisuals here on the island of Margarita. We feel very happy for this recovery and above all for sharing with the audience of young people who hope and aspire to achieve fulfillment through cinema,” said the president of CNAC.

Likewise, Azpúrua highlighted that the CNAC is currently evaluating several feature film projects for financing and highlighted that Venezuelan cinema is currently in a moment of recovery, overcoming the adversities generated by the pandemic and imperialist sanctions.

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