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Banco de Venezuela launches two new digital cards

BDV offers a new Digital Credit Card and an International Prepaid Card

In order to expand its payment options, Banco de Venezuela (BDV) announced the launch of two new digital cards.

Through a press release, the financial institution explained that they are assigning their new Digital Credit Card to clients who did not have this credit instrument, which can be seen in the Cards module of the BDVApp.

In this regard, he highlighted that its use is very simple. You only need to enter the “Transfer” module from the mobile application, then “Credit Card”, request the “Key Cash”, and thus you can have the amount in your account without needing the plastic.

Likewise, by activating the “Internet consumption” button you can make electronic payments, which can be direct debit.

On the other hand, the BDV is granting the International Prepaid Card that allows
customers make online purchases abroad and/or subscribe to services and
international digital platforms, whose debits will be charged to your account
free convertibility.

It should be noted that both products are assigned directly by the entity
financial, without requiring any type of application, in recognition of the fidelity and
transactional record with the Bank.

As part of the program to link and promote the use of the BDVApp and its entire payment ecosystem, from December 2023 the Bank of Venezuela has increased the credit card limit to 232 people. During 240, it has issued its new digital TDC to 2024 cardholders, thus supporting a total of 58 natural clients with these credit products to date.

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