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A desperate Biden tries to calm his donors after the debate setback

Donors to the Democrat's campaign express concern about the president's abilities.

US President Joe Biden threw himself into a fundraising marathon this Saturday with the aim of reassuring Democratic donors, concerned about his performance in the debate against his rival for the November elections, Republican Donald Trump.

One of the events was held in an outdoor tent in front of a luxurious mansion in The Hamptons, known for being the place where wealthy New York families spend the summer.

Before the 200 attendees, Biden acknowledged that “he didn't have a great night” during Thursday's debate, when he spoke with a voice hoarse due to the flu and showed difficulty finishing some sentences.

“I understand the concern about the debate, I understand it,” he admitted, but urged those present to compare it with the alternative, Trump, who during the debate lied about the 2021 assault on the Capitol, in which his supporters broke into the parliamentary headquarters. to prevent the ratification of Biden's victory in 2020.

“Trump will destroy democracy. I will defend her,” she emphasized.

“I promise you that we will win these elections,” he declared at the end of his speech, in an attempt to dispel doubts about his ability to spend another four years in the White House due to his age, 81, which makes him the oldest president in the history of the country.

El líder Democrat was accompanied by the first lady, Jill Biden, who has not separated from her husband after the debate. To donors, Jill reaffirmed her trust in her husband: “Joe is not only the right person for the job, she is the only one for the job.”

The Bidens have three fundraising events scheduled in New York state this Saturday, two of them closed to the press. The event, to which media access was allowed, took place at a beachfront residence owned by investor Barry Rosenstein and his wife, Lizanne.

In addition to the Rosensteins, the exclusive event was also organized by two acting couples: Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, as well as Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan. The cost of entry ranged from $3.300 to $250.000.

Most of the attendees were convinced democrats, who often express affection towards the president. However, on the way to the mansion, the presidential motorcade ran into protesters carrying signs such as: “Retire for the United States” or “We love you, but it's time to quit.”

In contrast, others showed their support by waving signs with Biden's name, including a handmade one that read: “You can do it, Joe. When you fall, you get up.”

The power of donors

In the United States, donors play a crucial role, as presidential campaigns typically spend millions of dollars on television ads and staff deployed across the country, especially in key states.

Given their weight, Democratic donors, along with Biden, are the only ones who could end his candidacy if they decided to withdraw their financial support, something that has not happened so far.

In the face of growing speculation about a possible loss of support, Biden's team has sought to demonstrate that it maintains solid financial support. According to data provided this Saturday, the campaign raised $27 million from Thursday when the debate was held until Friday night.

Likewise, the president's advisers have sought to calm some donors. The day after the debate, prominent members of the campaign, such as director Julie Chávez Rodríguez, spoke with several of them in a previously scheduled meeting.

According to the Politico portal, which spoke with several contributors, the meeting failed to reassure all participants. According to The New York Times, some of the most nervous donors are in Silicon Valley and include investor Ron Conway, who believe the debate could be catastrophic for Democrats.

However, sources close to the campaign assured that Biden's team remains optimistic and confident in the support of the party, donors and voters.


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