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Economic situation of more than 50% of Argentines worsened with Milei

70,5% of respondents in a recent survey affirm that the adjustment policies implemented by the Argentine president “we are all paying for”

A new survey conducted by the consultant Zuban Córdoba revealed that more than 50% of Argentines consider that their economic situation has worsened since the arrival of Javier Milei to the Presidency.

According to the data, 54,9% of those consulted stated that they are using their savings to make ends meet, while 54,6% affirm that “we are bad and we are going to be worse.”

Furthermore, at least 63,9% stated that they must work more to have the same standard of living as the previous year.

Likewise, 70,5% of those surveyed stated that “we are all paying for the adjustment policies that the president has implemented.”

On the other hand, 71,6% think that Milei is destroying the State from within.

Regarding the image of the president of Argentina, the survey showed that 55,8% consider it negative, while the positive fell to 43,7%. The analysis carried out highlighted that "Milei suffered this month one of its most pronounced falls in the six months of Government."

The survey was carried out nationwide between June 7 and 8 among around 1.400 people over 16 years of age.

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