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Consumption of meat, milk and bread plummets in Milei Government

The Government of Javier Milei has drastically increased poverty, according to a report from the Argentine Catholic University

The consumption of meat, milk and bread, basic products of the diet of Argentine society, registers historic lows due to the economic crisis that worsened since President Javier Milei began governing last December.

The Argentine Catholic University had already warned in a report that poverty grew from 44,7% to 55,5% between the first quarter of 2023 and 2024. Indigence also went from 9,6% to 17,5%. %, reported RT.

The accelerated impoverishment has impacted all consumer sectors, but mainly in food, since most of society is cutting back on the purchase of basic products because they cannot afford them.

“We talk about meat because it shows the direction of economic policy: local consumption falls to historic levels while production is reoriented towards exports and asks for a better exchange rate. The country for few", wrote the economist Candelaria Botto.

The reflection is due to the fact that the Rosario Stock Exchange revealed in a report that beef consumption during the first four months of 2024 was 42 kilos per capita. It is the lowest indicator since the series began in 1914.

In this way, by the end of 2024, it is expected that the annual per capita consumption of beef will be below 45 kilos. The historical average was 73 kilos.

In other words, Argentines had never eaten so little meat, which is one of the emblems of its gastronomy. And it's not because they have become vegan or vegetarian, as the report shows they are replacing beef with cheaper pork and chicken, although those markets are also down.

Thus, Argentines will consume 9,0% less animal protein this year than they ate in 2023. It will be the lowest rate in the last 13 years.

The Institute for Argentine Agroindustrial Development revealed in a report that, between the first quarter of last year and 2024, dairy consumption plummeted by 18,7% in tons of product.

Specifically, the purchase of fluid milk fell by 19,6%, while that of powdered milk was 30,4%. 

He also added that, between 2019 and 2023 (that is, during the government of Alberto Fernández), annual per capita consumption of milk increased from 182 to 194 liters, but in 2024 a reduction is expected. The purchase of cheese, meanwhile, fell 10,4%, which denotes the cut in all types of foods.

The same happens in the case of pan, since the Research and Training Center of the Central Workers of Argentina reported a 45% drop in sales.

In that sense, the president of the Merlo Bakers Industrial Center, Martín Pinto, recalled that bakeries are essential local businesses for people.

“We work 24 hours a day because in the afternoon we knead, at night we cook and in the morning we sell and distribute. I spend more time with my employees than with my family, but if this continues we will have to close because the profitability is not the same,” he warned in an interview with the newspaper. page 12.

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