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Sánchez crossed out Milei as líder of the right-wing international

The President of the Government and líder Spanish socialist, Pedro Sánchez, classified the president of Argentina, Javier Milei, as “one of the líderIt is the main group of the far-right international, a current of “denial” of science and women's rights during a socialist event held in Barcelona as part of the campaign for the European elections on June 9.

“Spanish society represents everything that they detest and hate,” said Sánchez, referring to the “far-right international,” which will meet this Sunday in Madrid in an event called by the Spanish party Vox, with the participation of Milei, among others. foreign guests.

“It is feminism, social justice, labor dignity, a strong welfare state, democracy,” explained the Spanish president.

He assured that he does not want “the scissors of the men in black or the extreme right with their chainsaw to return,” he said in reference, on the one hand, to the strict austerity measures imposed since 2012 by the European Union due to the severe economic crisis. from then, and on the other hand, to Milei, who campaigned for elections with a chainsaw in his hands.

Sánchez prefers, on the contrary, “more social Europe, coexistence, social justice.”

At the presentation of his book 'The Path of the Libertarian', Milei said this Friday in Madrid that the idea of ​​social justice is “aberrant, “resentful” and “envious”, and implies “unequal” treatment before the law.

During his current stay in Spain, he is not expected to meet with any national authority, following the recent diplomatic crisis between the Spanish Government and Milei, when the Minister of Transport, the socialist Óscar Puente, suggested that the Argentine president takes “substances.” refers EFE.

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