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Russia and Ukraine carry out prisoner exchange

Each one delivered 75 soldiers

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that this Friday the Russian Armed Forces That country and those of Ukraine carried out an exchange of prisoners of war.

“75 Russian soldiers who were in danger of death in captivity were returned from the territory controlled by kyiv. In exchange, 75 prisoners of war from the Ukrainian Armed Forces were handed over,” the military office reported in a statement.

In the sent it was detailed that in the case of the military of this nation, they will be transferred to Moscow on planes for treatment and rehabilitation in Ministry of Defense medical facilities.

“All those released are receiving the necessary medical and psychological assistance,” notes the published document.

The most recent exchange had taken place on February 8, in which both parties delivered 100 troops each. Two weeks earlier, Volodymyr Zelensky's regime had shot down a military plane in Belgorod province with 65 of its prisoners in an exchange process that was frustrated.

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