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Russia and Belarus strengthen cooperation in security and defense

Putin and Lukashenko agreed to supply Russian oil and gas to Belarus, and conduct another joint non-strategic nuclear weapons deployment exercise

The presidents of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, met this Friday to address various strategic issues, such as nuclear weapons, security and defense, energy, trade, joint productions and Ukraine.

This meeting takes place in Minsk, the capital of Belarus where Putin arrived on Thursday. This is Putin's second visit abroad after taking office on May 7 as president of Russia for a new term. The first was to China and the third will be to Uzbekistan on May 26 and 27.

Putin's agenda began this Friday with the laying of a wreath at the Monument to Victory over German fascism.

Both leaders agreed on supplies of Russian oil and gas to Minsk for the coming years and delved into issues regarding the construction of a nuclear power plant in Belarus by the Russian company Rosatom, which could erect another infrastructure of this type if deemed necessary, as well as develop fields linked to this, Telesur reviews.

They also addressed the creation of new supply chains to guarantee the transfer of energy and fuels, with a view - among other objectives - to creating a unified electrical system.

Deployment of nuclear weapons

Regarding the issue of security, they insisted that both countries need to defend themselves, hence the persistence of carrying out another joint exercise to deploy non-strategic nuclear weapons this year. They stressed that these maneuvers have a defensive and deterrent purpose, notes Sputnik.

Putin noted that Moscow and Minsk will strengthen their cooperation in the field of security and defense, as it is very relevant in reference to “the direction that has been chosen in the Western community” with respect to both Belarus and Russia. 

For Putin, security issues require the attention of Russia and Belarus, because they are always in the field of attention. He added that taking into account “the tense situation on the external borders of the Union State [of Russia and Belarus],” the formation of a common defense space was discussed in detail at the talks.

Putin also mentioned joint exercises with tactical nuclear weapons. In his opinion, Russia fully complies with its commitments regarding atomic weapons, there is nothing that the country has failed to comply with.

Regarding the conflict with Ukraine, the president noted that Moscow is ready to continue negotiations with kyiv, based on previous agreements reached in Türkiye and Belarus, and taking into account the situation on the ground. He added that he considers that the legitimacy of the current president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has come to an end.

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