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Netanyahu's War Minister Resigns Over Disagreements and “Mistakes” in War

The former minister demands that there is no comprehensive plan for the Gaza Strip during and after the war.

The former general and Minister of the Israeli War Cabinet, Benny Gantz, announced this Sunday his resignation from the Emergency Executive created by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, considering that it stands in the way of a “true victory.”

“Netanyahu is preventing us from moving towards true victory. For this reason, today we leave the Emergency Government, with a heavy heart, but with all our hearts," Gantz said in an appearance that should have been yesterday, but was postponed after the rescue from Gaza of four hostages in an operation with bombings that caused the death of more than 270 Palestinians.

His departure has more symbolic than practical weight, since Netanyahu's coalition maintains its majority of 64 seats in the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), but puts more pressure on the prime minister, as Gantz is now one of the most valued political figures. in Israel and even leads most electoral polls.

About two weeks ago, Gantz gave June 8 as a deadline for his party to leave the War Cabinet if it failed to agree on a “comprehensive plan of action” with six objectives: bring the hostages home, overthrow and demilitarize Hamas in Gaza, establish an alternative government in the Strip, guarantee the return of residents on the northern border and forge normalization relations.

Jewish Power, the far-right party of Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, announced today that it will vote again with Netanyahu's coalition in parliament as long as "there is no reckless (truce) agreement on the table" and offered to replace Gantz as a cabinet member.

Gantz, who before October 7 was on the opposition side, was the only líder who agreed to Netanyahu's request to form a government of national unity in times of war and obtained a position within the War Cabinet, smaller than the Government and with the right to vote, in which in addition to Netanyahu there is also the minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant.


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