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Putin and Arce talk about nuclear technology and the lithium industry

The Russian president highlighted the leadership that Luis Arce assumes in Bolivia, and proposed continuing bilateral cooperation in various sectors

The presidents of Bolivia and Russia, Luis Arce and Vladimir Putin, respectively, hold a meeting this Thursday on advances in nuclear technology, the lithium industry and other issues of bilateral cooperation, at the Konstantinovskly palace in Saint Petersburg. 

The Bolivian president published the meeting on his networks, and stated “We held an important meeting with brother President Vladimir Putin, today in Saint Petersburg, his hometown. We are advancing an important work agenda to strengthen our bilateral relations in trade, nuclear energy and the industrialization of our lithium. We thanked you for the invitation to participate in the International Economic Forum, where we will share the results of our Productive Social Community Economic Model. There is much to advance together for the benefit of both brother peoples.

In this sense, Putin highlighted the leadership that Luis Arce assumes in Bolivia and proposed continuing bilateral cooperation, fundamentally on issues of energy development and nuclear technology for the future.

“We have many interesting projects and objectives planned as priorities raised with the previous leadership of your country. You continue with the tradition and we have many topics to talk about,” Putin told Arce, according to the Bolivian Information Agency.

“There are interesting areas in our cooperation, particularly high technologies,” said Putin, mentioning the projects that were launched at the Center for Research and Development in Nuclear Technology (CIDTN), in the city of El Alto, such as the Complex Preclinical Radiopharmacy Cyclotron, for the production of radiopharmaceuticals.

The Bolivian president thanked Putin for the invitation to the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), a unique event in the world of business and economy, and announced that there he will speak about the application of the Productive Social Community Economic Model (MESCP). ) in Bolivia.

“We are happy to be here in your hometown and to be able to visit you and be able to share our experiences and also our projects, our dreams, that perhaps together we could make them come true with you,” said the Bolivian president. 

Arce is a special guest at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, an event that will bring together more than 130 countries and 19.000 people, including heads of state, members of government, líderis from Russian regions and company directors.

The Bolivian dignitary began his official visit to Russia this Thursday with a meeting with the general director of the state corporation Rosatom, Alexey Likhachev, and highlighted the progress in bilateral projects in the nuclear field and the lithium industry.

President Arce began his agenda earlier when he held a meeting with the general director of that country's state corporation, Alexey Likhachev. In which they discussed bilateral lithium cooperation and development projects.

“We began our official visit to Russia with an important meeting with the general director of the state corporation Rosatom, Alexey Likhachev. We are advancing important bilateral cooperation projects in the nuclear field. as well as the industrial development of our lithium for the generation of clean energy,” Arce posted on social networks.

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