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Putin wants to resume peace with a legitimate government in Ukraine

The Russian president maintains the will to negotiate peace, but is unaware of Zelensky's illegitimate government, which has come to an end.

Vladimir Putin declared this Friday that Russia “has never refused” peace negotiations to end the armed conflict in Ukraine. However, he stated that these talks must be based “on common sense” rather than ultimatums and must be carried out with a legitimate Ukrainian government.

“I start from the fact that peace negotiations must be resumed, and not with ultimatums, but with common sense, and they must be based on common sense. But if we come to that, obviously we have to understand who we should and can deal with,” stated the president of Russia in a joint press conference with his Belarusian counterpart, Alexander Lukashenko.

“Who to negotiate with?” Putin asked. “Of course we realize that the legitimacy of the current head of state has ended,” added the Russian president, referring to Vladimir Zelensky, whose mandate expired on May 20.

In that sense, the peace summit on Ukraine to be organized next month in Switzerland is a public relations maneuver to legitimize the current regime in kyiv, Putin maintained.

“I believe that one of the objectives of the conference announced in Switzerland is precisely for Western society, the sponsors of the current Kiev regime, to confirm the legitimacy of the current – ​​or no longer current – ​​head of state, but these public relations steps They have no importance for legal documents,” he said.

Regarding who can be considered the legitimate authorities of the country today, the Russian president indicated that "this question must be answered in Ukraine itself, first of all, from the position of Parliament, the Constitutional Court or other bodies of power."


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