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Prime Minister of Slovakia is “in a stable state”

Medical reports assure that after a second operation, his health status has a “positive prognosis.”

The Slovak Deputy Prime Minister and Head of Defense, Robert Kalinak, described as “stable, with a positive prognosis” the condition of the President of the Government, Robert Fico, who has remained hospitalized since May 15 as a result of an attack.

“The prime minister is no longer in a life-threatening situation, but remains serious and requires intensive care. There are no plans to transfer [to other hospitals] in the short term… We can consider his condition as stable, with a positive prognosis,” Kalinak informed journalists gathered in front of the hospital in the city of Banska Bystrica, in the center of the country, where he remains. Fico.

The Slovak Minister of Health, Zuzana Dolinkova, also assured journalists on May 18 that a second surgical intervention, which was performed on Fico on May 17 and lasted two hours, “contributed to a positive prognosis regarding the state of health.” ”.

On May 15, a man shot Fico as the 59-year-old prime minister was leaving a cabinet meeting in the town of Handlová, 190 kilometers from Bratislava.

The dignitary was seriously injured in the abdomen and chest, has undergone two surgeries to date and remains in intensive care, although doctors no longer fear for his life.

The perpetrator of the attack, Juraj Cintula, a 71-year-old amateur poet and writer, was charged with attempted intentional homicide that could carry a life sentence, pleaded guilty and was remanded in preventive detention on May 18. According to preliminary information, Cintula acted on his own because he disagreed with Fico's policies.

Many countries condemned the attack and wished the Prime Minister of Slovakia a speedy recovery.


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