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President Arce denounces irregular mobilizations of military units

Tanks and hooded military personnel entered Plaza Murillo

The president of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Luis Arce, denounced this Wednesday the irregular mobilization of the Bolivian Army, in this sense he called for an alert to the international community where “democracy must be respected,” he expressed in a post on the X network.

In this same order, the former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, also made a call “to defend Democracy against the coup d'état that is being brewed at the head of General Zúñiga. “We declare an indefinite general strike and road blockade.”

Morales stressed that “the Coup d'état is brewing,” detailing that “at this moment, personnel from the Armed Forces and tanks are deployed in Plaza Murillo.”

“We will not allow the Armed Forces to violate democracy and intimidate the people,” Morales stressed.

The former president pointed out that an emergency was called at 3:00 pm at the Army General Staff in Miraflores with combat uniforms, to which he reiterated the call to “Call the social movements of the countryside and the city to defend democracy.” , he added in the aforementioned digital network.

Citizens have mobilized to Plaza Murillo to avoid a constitutional break and shouted "coup plotters, coup plotters." In this place are also the headquarters of the House of the People, the Plurinational Legislative Assembly and the Bolivian Chancellery, he says. Telesur.

The Minister of Government, Eduardo del Castillo, appeared there and tried to communicate with members of one of the military vehicles, inside which was the General Commander of the Army, General Juan José Zúñiga.

Del Castillo tried to find out who gave the order to move the military contingent and asked Zúñiga for explanations.

«Demobilize Zúñiga, it is going to be worse. "You're on time, Zúñiga, demobilize," Minister Del Castillo told General Zúñiga.

Bolivia was the scene of a coup d'état in November 2019. It was organized by the US and the local right with the complicity of the Organization of American States (OAS).

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