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Petro denounced attempts to stop agrarian reform in Colombia

The Colombian president reiterated that agrarian reform is the way to avoid violence in the fields

The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, denounced this Thursday an attack by the opposition to prevent agrarian reform, being point one of the Peace Agreement signed in 2016.

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“Now there is an attack against this agrarian reform to prevent it. This action by the opposition would have unpredictable consequences. I hope you reflect,” the president warned.

Furthermore, he highlighted that the Government of Colombia has carried out an agrarian reform mechanism that is peaceful, through the voluntary purchase of land, but considers that it is “insufficient in terms of compliance with point one of the Peace Agreement,” he noted. Prensa Latina.

The president recalled that agrarian reform is also “a unilateral declaration of State before the United Nations Security Council and is an essential point of the Government program and the development plan.”

He also urged local agrarian reform committees to organize throughout Colombia and build democracy and peace in the country's fields.


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