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Peru will require visa and passport from Venezuelans starting July 2

Venezuelans must present their valid passport and a visa issued by a Peruvian consular office.

Venezuelans who request entry into the territory of Peru, starting next July 2, must present a valid visa and passport, after five years of the suspension of these requirements, according to a resolution of the immigration authority published this Thursday.

The resolution of the National Superintendence of Migration, published in the official newspaper El Peruano, established that, for the purposes of immigration control of entry into Peruvian territory, Venezuelans must present their current passport and a visa granted by a Peruvian consular office, in in the event that you have temporary or resident immigration status, reported EFE.

In the event that you have a resident immigration status, in its humanitarian version, such as the one issued in recent years, the beneficiaries must present that current humanitarian visa, in addition to their passport.

Migrations also approved, for the only time, the presentation of requests to change immigration status to Venezuelans who have expired passports, provided that their last entry to Peru was before next July 2, and they remain in Peruvian territory, must comply with the other requirements.

The rule also annulled a resolution issued on June 12, 2019, which allowed Venezuelans who requested to enter Peru to do so with an expired passport or birth certificate for children under nine years of age.

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