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Pedro Sánchez refutes Milei that social justice is not an aberration

The Spanish head of government condemned that the global right is paving the way for a dangerous far-right.

The president of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, criticized his Argentine counterpart, Javier Milei, again this Friday, ensuring that neither social justice "is an aberration" nor could he have been president of Argentina "without the support" of the unified right. around former president Mauricio Macri.

“Social justice is not an aberration. What is an aberration is to see how the traditional right in Argentina and Spain open their governments to the extreme right. Because Milei would never have been president of Argentina if he had not had the support of [Mauricio] Macri,” said the socialist politician at the closing ceremony of the campaign for the European parliamentarians, which will be held this Sunday.

Sánchez used the situation in Argentina as a comparative model to account for what is happening in Spain. “We would not have had governments with a [Santiago] Abascal who feels increasingly plenipotentiary of everything that his autonomous governments are doing if [Alberto Núñez] Feijóo –líder of the right-wing Popular Party – would not have opened the doors to Vox – ultra-right – in the governments of Castilla y León, the Valencian Community and so many places in Spain,” he indicated.

In his opinion, what is an “aberration is opening the doors to the extreme right,” because “there is no good or bad extreme right […], there is none: what there is is a right that is worse than bad,” which is the one that the Spanish “suffer”.

He predicts the defeat of progressivism in Argentina

Similarly, the líder Spanish described the extinction of the Ministry of Women in Argentina as a mistake. “Evidently, we know why she does it: she doesn't want the women's cause to be made visible. But how wrong he is! Hurts? Without a doubt, but the feminist cause is a more powerful cause than what Milei can do with the Ministry of Women,” she considered.

The government of the Argentine president, Javier Milei, announced the closure of the Ministry of Women, the department in charge of protection against gender violence in the previous Administration, headed by the Peronist Alberto Fernández (2019-2023), according to an official announcement by the Ministry of Justice.

On this basis, he predicted that “when Argentinians are called to the polls again, the progressives will win over the extreme right in Argentina.”


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