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Political hatred from the West could be behind the attack on the Prime Minister of Slovakia

The Serbian deputy prime minister said the West punishes dissent "sometimes with sanctions, sometimes it shoots."

The attack perpetrated this Wednesday against the Slovak Prime Minister, Robert Fico, is a consequence of “hatred” towards him and his political orientation, Serbian Deputy Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vulin, declared to the Sputnik Serbia news agency.

“In time we will know the truth, but what is a fact and remains a fact is the incredible hatred and media campaign that has been carried out against Mr Fico for many years in Slovakia, as well as throughout Europe,” he stated, adding that, in his opinion, “there is no doubt” that the assassination attempt “was probably the result” of those events.

Vulin explained that the “essence of this hatred is the political orientation” of the president, referring to his criticism of the approach of Brussels and Washington in their strategies on Russia and the Ukrainian crisis. “You know, in the West, different political convictions are punished, punished in different ways. Sometimes sanctions are imposed on them, sometimes they are shot,” he noted.

The senior Serbian official also expressed hope that Fico will survive. “I hope that, for the good of the Slovak people, he continues to run the Slovak State as the Slovak citizens wanted him to, and not as those who, on the contrary, wanted to see Fico in prison, dead or shot down in the street,” he stressed.

It should be remembered that Roberto Fico is seen as a threat to European unity regarding the Ukrainian conflict, since he has promised on more than one occasion to stop arms shipments to kyiv and review the agreements that allow the US to use bases in its territory. country. Furthermore, during a campaign event, he described the conflict as a “useless slaughter” that is “emptying military warehouses to force countries to buy more American weapons.”


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