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New public workers strike challenges Milei's chainsaw

Employees seek to prevent a new wave of layoffs and a setback in labor rights.

Public officials in Argentina will go on strike for 24 hours to protest the so-called Omnibus Law of the country's president, Javier Milei. This was reported this Monday by the State Workers Association (ATE), the largest union of public sector workers in the South American country.

Thus, on the day in which this law is debated, public employees, called by ATE, will go on a 24-hour strike and will mobilize "en masse" to Congress to demand that senators completely reject it.

«If the Bases Law is approved, it will be a tragedy for the workers. This initiative, which is going to be brought to the venue, contains an absolutely regressive labor reform in terms of rights, and particularly in public employment, it contemplates a direct and non-stop regression to the last military dictatorship. “This is a rule that attempts to enable the unlimited looting of all the wealth of our country,” stated the general secretary of ATE, Rodolfo Aguiar.

"The day it is debated, we are going to mobilize massively in Congress to demand that senators completely reject it," added the representative of Argentine officials.

"The Government remains determined to destroy public employment and we have to prevent it," Aguiar defended this Monday, after this strike was called by the ATE congress.

This mobilization could take place on Thursday or Friday of this week, depending on whether the Senate's agenda is confirmed in the coming days, taking into account the parliamentary arithmetic that allows the Government to approve the law.

Likewise, for the end of June, the union is planning a new measure of force that would include strikes and mobilizations in reaction to the wave of layoffs that threatens the public administration.

«We have to prevent the Government from carrying out its threat of a new wave of layoffs at the end of June. For this reason, we are going to carry out a national force measure in the days before the expiration of all contracts," Aguiar declared.


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