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Argentine women march against setbacks in gender policies

They accuse Milei's government of being "absent" in the application of justice and respect for their rights.

Feminist organizations in Argentina carried out this Monday the annual “Not one less” march, the first under the Government of Javier Milei, who they blame for promoting hatred towards women and “dissidence” through speeches and adjustment policies.

“The arrival of Javier Milei and Victoria Villarruel (vice president), their economic, political, social, material and symbolic measures constitute an attack on the Argentine people as a whole and in particular express their denial of gender violence, hatred of women and "gender dissidents," said the organization Mujeres de la Matria Latinoamericana (Mumalá), in a statement.

The demonstrations took place in different cities of the country, with the epicenter in Buenos Aires, where thousands of people gathered in front of the National Congress to demand the declaration of a “national emergency” regarding sexist violence and express their repudiation of the reforms promoted. by Milei.

“Because fundamental public policies to prevent violence were dismantled, while femicides do not stop growing. Approving the 'base law' takes away our right to retire and transforms us into a colony for transnational corporations. Because with hatred and hunger there is no freedom and because hunger is violence 'Not One Less,'" the feminist group noted in a document.

So far this year, Argentina has registered 127 victims of sexist violence, one every 35 hours, of which 114 were femicides, three were lesbicides, one trans/transvesticicide and nine linked femicides of adult men and children, as revealed by the feminicide observatory. 'Adriana Marisel Zambrano', who directs the NGO La Casa del Encuentro.

The numbers of deaths of women have remained stable in a decade, since the National Registry of Femicide of the Supreme Court of Justice, which has been collecting data since 2014, counted a total of 2.446 direct victims of feminicide in the country with an average of almost 245 murders per year.

“The statistics do not decrease with an absent State that shows no interest in developing public policies to address, assist and prevent gender violence and with an Undersecretariat for Protection against Gender Violence that seems to have no voice,” explained the NGO. .


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