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Milei charges again against Sánchez and socialism in Spanish lands

Taking advantage of the invitation of the Spanish far-right, the Argentine once again broke the rules of diplomacy.

The president of Argentina, Javier Milei, warned this Friday in Madrid of the “risks”, “decadence” and “catastrophes” of socialism and urged not to let one's life be ruined by the policies of this ideology, while alluding to the president of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, and his relatives with veiled criticism, which represents a new chapter in the bilateral tensions caused by the controversial South American president.

After receiving the International Medal of the Community of Madrid, he alluded to the “porous hands of politicians”, his brothers or his partners, in a reference, without expressly citing him, to the socialist Sánchez, his wife, Begoña Gómez, and his brother David .

“Discretion always plays tricks, there are always leaks. Bastiat spoke of the porous hands of politicians. Maybe it's not the politician's directly, maybe it's the brother's, the partner's or whatever... and whoever wants to understand should understand," said the Argentine ultra-liberal.

Already directly quoting Sánchez, he highlighted that, “if socialists understood economics, they would not be socialists.”

Milei made these statements after being decorated by the president of the Community of Madrid, the conservative Isabel Díaz Ayuso, in an environment of strong diplomatic tension between Argentina and Spain for his previous visit last May, when he referred to Sánchez as “slut.” and his wife as “corrupt”, although without naming them. This triggered a deep bilateral diplomatic crisis, with the withdrawal of the Spanish ambassador from Buenos Aires.

sickly anti-socialist

Milei focused his intervention on attacking socialism and bragging about his imaginary economic “achievements,” since Argentina sinks deeper into an unobjectionable crisis every day. Given the impossibility of showing any success, he criticized the head of the Spanish Executive, with allusions to the legal cases of his wife and brother.

"It seems that one of the exceptions you have to the rule is with Mr. Sánchez who evidently, despite having studied economics, either did not understand or, let's say, really likes the State to take over the Spaniards," he said.

And he added: “But I have hope that they are waking up like they are waking up in Argentina.”

As on other occasions, Milei warned of the “damage and decadence caused by socialism” recalling that “Argentina at the end of the 19th century was the richest country in the world”, in the face of the “impoverishing socialism and violent populism” that it has inherited, a “catastrophe that is the virtue of socialism.”

For this reason, he took the opportunity to “warn about the risks of how this model works” because “it is not necessary to have to reach a situation as extreme as the one Argentina reached.”

Internally, Milei defended the business system and liberalism as the solutions for his country against social justice and debt, “truly aberrant” concepts.

“We are going to definitively end inflation in Argentina,” he emphasized.


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