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Milei admits that he “hates the State” and loves being able to “destroy it from within”

He said in an interview in the US that he finds the concept of social justice repugnant and abhorrent.

The president of Argentina, Javier Milei, stated in an interview with the American media The Free Journal, published this Thursday, that he hates the State, he loves to be “the mole” within it and that he is willing to endure “lies, slander and insults.” ” in order to achieve his goal of destroying it from within.

“I love, I love being the mole within the State. I am the one who destroys the State from within. “It's like being infiltrated into the enemy's ranks,” he responded when asked if he likes being “the garden skunk,” in an interview conducted last week as part of his tour of Palo Alto (California, USA). .

“The reform of the State has to be carried out by someone who hates the State and I hate the State so much that I am willing to put up with all these types of lies, slander, insults, both about myself and my most loved ones, who are my sister and my dogs and my parents, in order to destroy the State,” he added.

The Argentine president spoke of “the tough fight” he faces against what he calls a “cultural battle” that, for decades, was dominated by socialism but that, little by little, libertarians are destroying.

“We are not only fighting this battle on an economic and political level, we have not abandoned the cultural battle and all this is going to generate a situation where Argentina grows very strongly again,” he indicated.

The far-right omitted in the interview that his government has multiplied misery in record time, has fired more than 7 workers and that today 54 percent of Argentines are poor. He also did not talk about the very high inflation rates, which hit a country that is not going through any conflict.

However, Milei goes head-on and without brakes to her destiny (or precipice). He maintains that “people interpreted and assimilated that all the shortcuts of populism and socialism do not work, and that is an element to be very optimistic,” he said if seeing that his arrival in power is a consequence of discontent, and not of support for a destructive policy of the State.

The far-right did not miss the opportunity to turn his anger against the left and its vision of social justice, which is why he has declared himself an enemy of social balance policies.

“This disgusting and abhorrent idea of ​​'social justice' actually goes against human capital because if you study, work, make an effort and do it well, the State will come and steal your money and give it to people who did not do it. nothing. And that is a mechanism to expel talent,” he asserted.

The president thus defined himself as an anarcho-capitalist who considers the State “a criminal organization.”


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