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In July, Lula achieved the highest approval of his Government

In a national measurement, the Brazilian president improved the general perception regarding the management of the country's economy.

The approval of the Government of the Brazilian president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, rose from 33% in May to 36% in July, the first positive variation this year and which allowed it to be at the best level since December, according to a survey released this Wednesday by the Quaest firm.

The disapproval of the management of the líder progressive, for its part, fell from 33% in May to 30% in July, while the percentage of Brazilians who classify the Government as “regular” fell from 31% to 30% in the same period.

The July result interrupted the trend of falling government approval, which fell in the four previous consecutive measurements carried out by Quaest since August last year, when the positive evaluation was 42%.

"Although it is impossible to point to a single reason to explain the growth in the Government's approval, the improvement in the perception of the economy among the poorest seems to explain it in part," said the director of Quaest 'Pesquisa e Consultoría', Felipe Nunes.

According to Quaest, the positive oscillation in the Government's popularity indexes between May and July was driven by the poorest (those who earn up to two minimum wages) and by Brazilians in the age group between 35 and 39 years.

Among the poorest, the approval of the líder progressive rose from 62% to 69% while disapproval fell from 35% to 26%.

The indices improved despite the fact that the perception of Brazilians in general regarding the economy remains negative. According to the survey, while 36% of those interviewed consider that the economic situation has deteriorated in the last twelve months, 32% believe that it remains the same and only 28% believe that it has improved.

According to the July survey, the economy is Brazil's biggest problem for 21% of Brazilians, insecurity for 19%, social problems for 18%, health for 15% and corruption for 12%.

The survey, commissioned by the financial firm Genial Investimentos, consulted 2.000 Brazilians aged 16 or older in 120 different municipalities between Friday of last week and Monday of this week and has a margin of error of two percentage points.


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