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Victims make their contribution in dialogues between the Government and ELN

After the agreement in Caracas, the parties decided to include the victims in the peace talks.

Victims from all over Colombia met this Monday and Tuesday in Bogotá, in a meeting with the delegations of the Government and the ELN that are negotiating peace, to express their points of view and the situation in which they are experiencing the conflict.

This meeting, framed in those held throughout the country by the National Participation Committee (CNP) as part of the dynamics of the negotiation, "is different."

“We are the direct victims of the Colombian armed conflict who are being listened to, through achieving our positions and our proposals that involve being an included part in this entire process,” explained the spokesperson for the National Peace Roundtable, Yolanda Perea. .

The activist defended the need for victims like her and like the 200 who gathered from more than 40 organizations to be heard: “In a peace process, in a dialogue process, women and victims are almost always the ones who "We end up defending these causes, therefore we have to be the center."

Direct victims of ELN actions in Colombia also attended the meeting, who according to Perea, highlighted that the most important thing "is to achieve dialogue."

The direction of the negotiations

Negotiations between the ELN and the Colombian Government are going through a cooling period, with almost half a year without holding a new cycle of dialogue, due to crossed accusations and tensions between the parties.

However, last month in Caracas, at a meeting of the delegations, they managed to agree to sign the first of the six points on the dialogue agenda, which spoke precisely about the scheme of participation of society.

This has been developed in these meetings with different sectors to see the ways in which society can be part of the peace process. “There have been more than 60 years of war, we cannot pretend that this was solved overnight. You always have to mediate, you have to negotiate and you have to talk,” added Perea, who asked the parties to continue talking and continue the process.

“It is important, first, that they do not leave the table; second, that the bilateral ceasefire be maintained; Third, that we work to stop these criminal actions in order to continue talking about that peace,” he added.

This cessation, according to Perea, “has been a bit complex because we know that not only is the ELN in the territories, there are other actors with whom we must continue dialogue, continue insisting... and understand that when we talk about total peace, it is not The peace of the Government is the peace of an entire Colombia that in the midst of our differences we have to achieve.”


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