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Israel frees director of Gaza Strip's largest hospital

Mohamed Abu Salmiya reported having been subjected, along with many other detainees, to severe torture

The Israeli army released this Monday the director of the Al Shifa hospital, Mohamad abú Salmiya, after he was detained on November 23, 2023.

According to Telesur, the director of the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip was arrested along with another doctor at the Kuwait checkpoint on November 23, 2023, while they were transporting a humanitarian caravan of wounded from the Al-Shifa Complex to the Netzarim crossing.

After his release, Salmiya denounced that in his captivity he left behind many detainees in very serious health and psychological conditions, at the same time that he pointed out that the occupation deprives all captives of their rights and medicines, to the point that they amputate the legs of prisoners with diabetes instead of providing them with treatment.

“Prisoners are enduring very difficult conditions, including lack of food and water, and physical humiliation,” he said.

He claimed to have been subjected to “serious torture” during his detention.

“The prisoners are subjected to all types of torture,” the doctor declared at a press conference. “Many prisoners died in the interrogation centers and were deprived of food and medicine,” he said, Efe reports.

Abu Selmia called for the release of all Palestinian prisoners due to harsh detention conditions, adding that several Palestinian medical staff died during due to torture and denial of basic medical care.

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