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Iran asks the UN to recognize Zionism as a form of racism

The petition rescues a resolution that equated Zionism with apartheid, so it must be banned.

The permanent representative of Iran to the United Nations Office in Geneva (Switzerland), Ali Bahraini, has taken advantage of his intervention at the 56th session of the Human Rights Council to condemn, through a statement, the systematic violations of the rights of the Palestinian people by the Israeli regime, as reported this Tuesday by the Iranian Fars news agency.

When reading the joint statement, signed by a group of Islamic and non-aligned countries, the Iranian ambassador considered Zionism as one of the manifestations of racism and pointed out that the Zionist regime practices apartheid against the Palestinians, violating their human rights in a manner wide.

Bahraini has advocated the restoration of United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379 passed in December 1975, which considered Zionism as racist as apartheid, and called for its elimination.

The aforementioned resolution—which was declarative and non-binding in nature—and meant a harsh condemnation of Zionism, was annulled by another resolution in December 1991.

Citing a 2017 report by the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), the resolution highlighted that Israel's policies towards the Palestinians amount to an apartheid regime.

Likewise, it prohibited racial discrimination and apartheid not only as mandatory actions under international law, but also established that their commission constitutes serious violations of the principles and objectives of the Charter of the United Nations.

The Persian ambassador, on behalf of Muslim and non-aligned countries, has urged the international community to take strong measures against Israeli institutions accused of committing crimes against humanity.

The joint statement is issued in the midst of the Israeli genocidal war against the Gaza Strip, which has left at least 38 Palestinians dead in nine months, mostly women and children.


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