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CIA report reveals that Netanyahu will not keep promises to the US

The Israeli prime minister would not take the postwar plan for the Gaza Strip seriously.

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) estimates that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not heed Washington's suggestions to shape a post-war plan for the Gaza Strip once the Israeli military offensive ends, according to a report. evaluation of the agency broadcast by the 'CNN' network.

The assessment concluded that Netanyahu probably believes he “can get away with this” without defining a post-war plan, even as the Biden Administration has launched an entire pressure campaign to end the conflict in Gaza, the North American media said.

“[Netanyahu] probably believes he can maintain the support of his security chiefs and avoid defections from the right wing of his coalition by speaking about the future of Gaza in vague terms,” the report says.

The assessment represents one of the most up-to-date intelligence assessments of Netanyahu's mindset that has circulated among senior US officials, a source familiar with the internal report told CNN.

According to the American television network, the evaluation highlights how the líder Israeli defies pressure from members of his own government and the Biden Administration to define a “final state” for Gaza.

Furthermore, the report states, it cautions against what Netanyahu has said publicly: that he will only seriously engage on post-war issues after meeting “what he considers key security benchmarks, which may take months.”

According to the assessment, those benchmarks include the completion of “major military operations,” as well as the elimination of Hamas military commander Mohammed Deif. Deif is the commander of the Qassam Brigades and, as the top commander of Hamas's military wing, He is believed to have been deeply involved in planning the October 7, 2023 attacks in Israel.

The CIA report highlights that, within Israel, there is no consensus on the post-war plan for Gaza, indicating the divergent views of individual cabinet ministers on governance, security and post-war reconstruction.


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