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Houthis attacked a US destroyer and two tankers

Yemeni rebels use ballistic missiles again in the Red Sea

Yemen's Houthi Shiite rebels claimed this Sunday the attack against three ships, a US destroyer and two tankers, which were sailing in the Red and Arabian Seas as part of their operations against Israel for the war in the Gaza Strip.

The military spokesman for the Houthis, Yehya Sarea, detailed in a statement that the rebel naval forces carried out two of these three military operations in the Red Sea.

The first attack was with several ballistic missiles launched against an American destroyer, while the second was against the ship Captain Paris, a tanker that sailed under the Maltese flag and violated the Houthi ban on docking in “ports of occupied Palestine.”

“The (Houthi) Air Force carried out a third military operation against the Happy Condor ship in the Arabian Sea, using several drones,” said Sarea, who explained that the attack against this other Danish-flagged tanker ship was carried out by the same reasons.

According to the military spokesman, the three operations successfully achieved their objectives, although he did not provide more details about the attacks or the status of the ships, and reiterated that the Houthis will maintain their actions in support of Palestine.


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