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Houthis attack US nuclear aircraft carrier with missiles

The attack comes after the aggression suffered by Yemen at the hands of US and British forces.

The Houthis announced this Friday that they attacked the US aircraft carrier Dwight Eisenhower with missiles in the Red Sea, in response to previous attacks by the US and the United Kingdom on the territory of Yemen.

The group's military spokesman, Yahya Sarea, reported that the attack was in “response to the American-British aggression in support of the Zionist enemy, which caused 58 martyrs and injuries,” and that it was intended to “deter our beloved people and the Armed Forces from their position of supporting the oppressed Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.”

The Yemeni rebels claimed that the operation was carried out with several ballistic missiles and that the impact “was accurate and direct.”

The US Central Command (USCENTCOM) reported the previous day that, in conjunction with the United Kingdom Armed Forces, it carried out attacks against 13 Houthi targets in areas of Yemen under its control.

Several buildings housing drone ground control facilities and providing storage for very long-range drones as well as surface-to-air weapons used to deter coalition operations to safeguard shipping in the area were reportedly targeted. region. Intelligence services had identified these targets in two locations near Hudaydah and in Ghulayfiqah, further south on the Yemeni coast.

The British stated that in their attacks they used Paveway IV type guided bombs, launched from Typhoon FGR4 aircraft of their Air Force.

The Houthis reported that the British-American attack left 16 dead and 41 wounded, including civilians.

Houthi forces have been attacking vessels in the Red Sea area for months, including ships from the US, the UK and Israel, in protest against Israeli actions in the Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, they maintain that they will maintain these military operations until “the aggression and siege of the Palestinian people in Gaza cease.”


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