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Israeli government attacks Spain for recognizing the State of Palestine

"No one is going to intimidate us in our firm decision to recognize the Palestinian state," responded the Spanish Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albares, to Israel.

The Israeli Government attacked Spain with a video spread on social networks that mixes flamenco and Hamas attacks for recognizing the State of Palestine.

The Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, Israel Katz, has released an 18-second video on the social network

In this regard, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain, José Manuel Albares, responded forcefully this Sunday to the attacks he has received from the Israeli Executive. “No one is going to intimidate us in our firm decision to recognize the Palestinian state, nor will we engage in provocations.” . Albares called the video “scandalous and execrable.”

Albares' statements were made after holding a meeting in Brussels with the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Mohamed Mustafa.

Albares has not clarified whether, in protest against that video in which Benjamin Netanyahu's Government accuses Pedro Sánchez of working for terrorists, he is going to call the Spanish ambassador in Israel for consultations.

Albares has limited himself to responding that it will be international justice that will determine whether a genocide is taking place: “There is a demand from South Africa to analyze and elucidate exactly that.”

The Spanish Chancellor recalled that the resolutions of international courts “are binding on all parties.” Referring to the resolution of the United Nations International Court of Justice (ICJ) in which it orders Israel to immediately stop its military offensive in Rafah and, consequently, the Spanish minister asked Israel to “stop its military operations.”

Number of Palestinians killed by Israel continues to rise

The attacks by the genocidal government of Israel against the Palestinian people continue. The most recent statistical report from the Gaza Ministry of Health reports eight massacres against families in the area, 81 fatalities and 223 injured in hospitals during the last 24 hours.

According to data recorded since October 7, the death toll amounts to 35.984 and 71 percent of these are children and women. Meanwhile, 80.643 people are affected, not including the 10 still missing under the rubble.

Through the account on the social network @TodayPalestine A video was released showing a Palestinian father saying goodbye to his three-year-old son killed by Israel in Rafah.


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