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Slovak government blames the media for creating a civil war

The media campaign against the government has generated deep social tension.

The Slovak government has blamed the media and the opposition for the attempted assassination of the country's Prime Minister Robert Fico, an accusation that is fueling political tensions in Slovakia.

Fico is still in a “very serious” state of health after a 71-year-old writer opened fire on the prime minister in the town of Handlová on Wednesday, shooting him several times in the stomach. President-elect Peter Pellegrini, aligned with Fico's populist Executive, visited the prime minister this Thursday in the hospital.

“I must say that his health condition remains very serious and I was only allowed to speak with him for a few minutes because his current condition requires peace and tranquility without other external distractions,” Pellegrini said.

Meanwhile, tensions are rising in the capital Bratislava as the Fico Executive has blamed the media and the opposition for the attack.

According to the Minister of the Interior, the alleged attacker “confessed to having acted based on information” to which he had access in the media. The suspect blames the prime minister for the suppression of the Special Prosecutor's Office, the cessation of military aid to Ukraine, interference in public television and dismissal of the president of the Judicial Council.

The Home Secretary suggested there would be repercussions for the media. “I say this to everyone, especially all the “masters of the world” behind the keyboard, that we will act firmly and without compromise,” said Matus Sutaj Estok.

Risk of civil war

Doctors are “fighting for the life” of the Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico, after the shooting this Wednesday, according to the Minister of Defense during a press conference in front of the hospital where Fico is admitted. He adds that his country “could be on the brink of a civil war.”

Defense Minister Robert Kaliňák has said that Fico is in an “extremely serious” condition and claims that the attack was politically motivated. The prime minister is being treated at the Banská Bystrica hospital, where he is slowly recovering.

The attack on the prime minister has clearly shocked the country, including ministers, and shows the deep political division in Slovakia.

During the campaign, Robert Fico's party, SMER, was accused of dismantling democracy. He and his party accused the opposition of selling out the country to the West. Now the defense minister has said that the attack on the prime minister clearly shows that “this country is on the brink of a civil war.”


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