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Petro's government condemns increase in attacks in Colombia

The government will confront the groups that attack the peace process with the full weight of the law.

The Presidency of Colombia rejected the attacks perpetrated against security forces in two municipalities of the Valle del Cauca department, directed against police officials. “These acts of violence that seek to undermine the tranquility of the Colombian people are unacceptable. “Those who choose violence and perpetuate the armed conflict will face the full weight of the law,” he said in a statement published on the social network X.

For his part, the Minister of the Interior, Luis Fernando Velasco, described the explosions in Jamundí and Popayán as “terrorist actions.” “The national government did not believe in the will for peace of these organizations, which broke the ceasefire and obviously we are going to have to take much more forceful actions in military and judicial matters,” he said in statements to regional media, alluding to the alleged guerrilla involvement in the attacks.

This weekend two attacks with explosives shook the towns of Jamundí and Popayán, in the southwest of Colombia, targeting the Police, according to local authorities.

The car bomb attack in Jamundí.

The first of the attacks was recorded in the municipality of Jamundí, in Valle del Cauca, when a car bomb detonated near a police station.

The event left a police officer injured, and caused serious damage to the police command facilities.

The second episode was perpetrated with drones in the town of Popayán, capital of the department of Cauca, against an area bordering the city's airport.

Increase in violence in Colombia

The attacks occurred amid increasing violence in southwestern Colombia, particularly in Cauca, Nariño and Valle del Cauca. In these three departments, the Government of Gustavo Petro suspended the ceasefire with the EMC, which had been reached to advance peace negotiations, once the guerrilla was accused of launching indiscriminate attacks against indigenous populations.

Although some local media point to an alleged involvement in these attacks of the main dissident of the former FARC guerrilla formation, the Central General Staff (EMC), for the moment there has been no confirmation of responsibility.


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