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General Zúñiga will be tried for terrorism

Another 16 detained soldiers will be prosecuted by the Prosecutor's Office

The dismissed general commander of the Bolivian Army Juan José Zuñiga will be prosecuted for the crimes of terrorism and armed uprising, his lawyer Steven Orellana reported this Friday and added that the precautionary hearing is scheduled for this afternoon.

“He availed himself of the right to silence, but the Prosecutor's Office has already issued the formal accusation for terrorism and armed uprising,” Orellana briefly told the media at the headquarters of the Special Force to Fight Crime in the city ​​of peace.

The precautionary hearing against Zuñiga, the former Navy commander Juan Arnez and the soldier Edison Alejandro Irahola will be this Friday at 14.00:XNUMX p.m. local time, according to the lawyer.

Zuñiga was captured this Wednesday, minutes after leading an alleged “coup attempt” against the Government of President Luis Arce.
Along with him, 16 other soldiers were arrested and are also being prosecuted by the Prosecutor's Office.

During his arrest, Zuñiga told the press that it was President Arce himself who ordered him to take out “the armored vehicles” as a strategy to “raise his popularity.”
This Friday, the Minister of Government (Interior), Eduardo del Castillo, publicly presented four other soldiers who were captured, among them the one driving the tank that tried to forcefully enter the Executive headquarters, in the city of La Paz. .
The minister added that Air Force General Marcelo Zegarra is in custody and a special “investigation” is being carried out. l efe

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