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Argentine forces attacked protesters in Córdoba

They reported that at least four people were injured, most of them women.

This Saturday, security forces attacked protesters who blocked routes to Córdoba and reached the center of that city, where President Javier Milei will lead an event for the 214th anniversary of the May Revolution.

The Gendarmerie used tear gas against members of the State Workers Association (ATE) and the Central Workers of Argentina-Autonomous (CTA-A) who were carrying out a protest on the roads that connect the Ingeniero Aeronáutico Ambrosio Taravella international airport with the Plaza San Martin.

These groups reported that at least four people were injured, most of them women, according to the C5N television channel cited by Prensa Latina.

That media outlet also reported that the troops shot and launched gas to prevent members of social and union organizations from approaching the square where the event will take place.

A strong security operation was deployed in that place and there were moments of tension and confrontation between the uniformed officers and the citizens, some of whom threw stones and set trash cans on fire.

The CTA-A and ATE declared Milei persona non grata and denounced his adjustment measures.

As is tradition, the head of state participated in the morning hours in a tedeum in the Metropolitan Cathedral of the city of Buenos Aires, during which the archbishop of the capital, Jorge García Cuerva, asked the government authorities to put an end to hatred and application of public policies that correspond to the great effort made by people and allow us to combat hunger.

In addition, he warned about the insensitivity towards the most vulnerable and demanded greater commitment and closeness to those who suffer.

Today, some actions of the leadership that are divorced from ordinary citizens continue to hurt, such as the much-discussed self-increases in salaries a few weeks ago, he stated and urged concrete actions to be taken for the poor.

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