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France hopes that the Security Council will “act” in the case of Gaza

Paris has been favorable to the recognition of a Palestinian State, although it is in no rush.

The French ambassador to the UN, Nicolas de Rivière, said this Tuesday that it is time for the Security Council to “act and not just talk” to stop the war in Gaza, before beginning a closed-door session on the bombings of the end of the week against Rafah.

“This is a matter of life and death, an emergency matter, and we are going to discuss it this afternoon. I believe that the Security Council cannot simply speak, the Council has to act,” he said minutes before the meeting, which was requested by Algeria, the only Arab member of the Council.

Along with the usual demands for a ceasefire, the release of hostages held by Hamas and access for humanitarian aid, De Rivière said the Council must “take action and allow the UN to play its full role in the Gaza Strip in order to cover the immediate needs of the population.”

In that logic, the Council "must make it possible for the Palestinians to govern Gaza, which will be an integral part of their State, otherwise we will continue (jumping) from crisis to crisis," he said, joining the voices calling for a post-war led by the Palestinians, and not as Israel has implied about an eventual future government of an Arab coalition without Hamas or the Palestinian Authority.

Although the resolutions of the Security Council are theoretically binding (and not just symbolic, like those of the General Assembly), since the beginning of the war this body has approved at least two that have had no effect on the ground, the last of them on March 25 to call for “an immediate ceasefire” and humanitarian aid access to Gaza, which Israel refused to implement.

The International Court of Justice also asked Israel last week to immediately end military operations in Rafah, and the Israeli government did not comply then either; On the contrary, it redoubled its offensive, and in fact the Israeli army committed one of the bloodiest massacres of the war last Sunday, with at least 72 fatalities in the bombing of a displaced persons camp near Rafah.


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