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Family asks for $80 for space debris that pierced the roof of their house

The Venezuelan residents of Naples, Florida, were surprised by an object that fell from the sky and passed through their two-story house

A family of Venezuelan origin is asking the US Space Agency (Nasa) for the sum of 80 thousand dollars for a 700 gram object that hit Alejandro Otero's house in Naples, Florida, causing a hole in the roof.

According to La Nada, who confirmed the event, it was a fragment of a used battery charging platform that had been released from the International Space Station as waste in 2021.

Although no one was hurt, the owners of the property have now initiated legal action against NASA, because the element in question was a piece of space debris, international media reported.

The object in question, instead of completely disintegrating before falling to Earth, a part remained intact upon re-entering the atmosphere, the US space agency said.

The demand

The Otero family hired attorney Mica Nguyen Worthy, part of the firm Cranfill Sumner. On May 22, the lawyer presented a claim to NASA for the victims to be financially compensated.

Otero's son was in the house at the time of impact, according to the law firm, which said NASA has six months to respond to his claim.

“My clients are seeking appropriate compensation that takes into account the stress and impact this incident had on their lives,” said attorney Mica Nguyen Worthy.

NASA response could set a precedent

The space debris problem has grown alongside increased space traffic, and NASA's response could set a precedent for how future claims are handled, law firm Cranfill Sumner said in a statement.

If the incident had occurred overseas and someone in another country had been harmed by the same space debris as in the Otero case, the United States would have been entirely responsible for paying those damages under the Convention on International Liability for Damage Caused by Space Debris. Space”, exemplified the lawyer.

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