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Extreme security for elections this Sunday in Mexico

More than 15 thousand military personnel will have the mission of guaranteeing peaceful elections after a campaign full of violence.

The Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City will deploy a contingent of 15,020 troops to safeguard the “right to vote” in the June 2 elections. This decision is part of a joint operation with the Government Secretariat (Secgob).

Starting at 05:00 (local time) next Sunday, these elements will be distributed around the 13,431 polling stations. To carry out their work, they will have 1,160 vehicles, 50 patrol cars, 25 ambulances and two helicopters.

Additionally, there will be a police presence at the headquarters of the National Electoral Institute (INE), the Electoral Institute of Mexico City (IECM) and the 33 Executive District Boards.

The Undersecretary of Traffic Control will deploy 525 elements, supported by 40 patrol cars and 50 motorcycles, with the purpose of guaranteeing the fluidity of traffic on the communication routes.

In a joint statement, the Secgob and the SSC assured that sufficient police personnel will be available throughout the election day. These personnel will ensure safety and vehicular circulation, from the installation to the closing of the boxes. Likewise, protection will be provided during the counting and counting of votes, and during the transfer of ballots to the District Council.

In addition, the Government Secretariat will coordinate actions to facilitate the agile and safe transportation of electoral packages. It will also supervise the document reception centers and provide surveillance during the counting and counting of votes.

On the other hand, the Secgob will establish the “Morelos Base” as a coordination center to collaborate with the Secretariat of Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection (SGIRPC), the Rescue and Medical Emergencies Squadron (ERUM), the Undersecretary of Traffic Control , LOCATEL and the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA).

As a measure prior to election day, the Ministry of the Interior requested the 16 mayoralties and the Ministry of Works and Services (SOBSE) to remove electoral propaganda located 50 meters around each voting booth.


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