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French far-right wins legislative elections in France

After the victory of Marine Le Pen's National Rally party, a series of protests began in Paris

The party identified with the extreme right National Rally (RN) won today in the first round of the legislative elections in France, without it being possible to confirm whether it has enough for the absolute majority in the National Assembly.

A series of protests began in Paris after learning of the victory in the legislative elections of the far-right party, Marine Le Pen.

Thousands of people took to the streets and headed to the Place de la République in Paris to show their rejection of the extreme right embodied by the National Rally party, RN.

Amid chants against the RN and its possible prime minister, Jordan Bardella, the protesters in Republic Square waved flags of Palestine, Algeria, France and South Africa. The crowd of people, mainly young people, among flags and banners shouted “Youth shits on the National Group”, or “we anti-fascists are here” “youth annoy the RN”, chanted the young people, many of them with LFI badges. Melenchon.

In an unprecedented result, the extreme right won the first round with 33,5% of the votes, while the left's New Popular Front obtained 28% of the votes, while President Emmanuel Macron's coalition was left in third place with 21%.

According to Elabe's research, the far-right party would obtain between 260 and 310 deputies in the National Assembly, which means there is a chance of obtaining an absolute majority in the lower house (at least 289 of the 577 seats).

The second round of the French legislative elections will take place on July 7 and will be decisive for the formation of the Assembly and the correlation of forces in the country.

If the extreme right achieves an absolute majority, it will be able to count on Bardella as prime minister, which would impose an uncomfortable political cohabitation on President Emmanuel Macron, who has three years left in the Elysée.

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