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A car bomb explodes in Colombia and leaves a minor dead

It is the third explosive they have detonated so far this year and the country relives the horror of decades ago.

A minor died and three adults were seriously injured after the explosion of a car bomb on a road in the Miranda municipality, north of the Colombian department of Cauca, reported Colombian National Radio on X.

According to the preliminary version of the event, these people were traveling on a motorcycle when they were hit by the shock wave produced by the explosion of the device.

“It is reported that a highly powerful explosive device was activated in the area of ​​interference of the GaOr Dagoberto Ramos, who apparently intended to attack the public force, but in their failed attempt they carried out the terrorist act,” said General Federico Mejía, commander of the Specific Command of Cauca, cited by El Tiempo.

This is the third explosion recorded in the municipality in less than 15 days. On May 11, another vehicle loaded with explosives exploded near the local cemetery and left four people injured and several homes damaged, reports El Espectador.

On that occasion, the mayor of Miranda, Walter Zúñiga, told the press that events of this nature had not occurred for about 30 years, but that their resumption coincides with the suspension of the ceasefire.

“After the suspension of the ceasefire, confrontations broke out again everywhere. We are on alert for what is happening. They attacked us yesterday in Corinto and here in Miranda,” he explained.

On May 10, another truck-type vehicle detonated in the same town. One of the explosives fell near a military base and another exploded inside the car. The event left a stray dog ​​dead, El Tiempo noted.


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