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Spain continues selling weapons to Israel despite recognizing the Palestinian State

The Palestinian Community will sue the Spanish Government for not breaking military relations with Tel Aviv.

The Palestinian Community of Catalonia filed a lawsuit against the Government of Spain for violating the arms trade law by not definitively breaking military relations with Israel, "allowing military and security material to leave and transit" through Spanish territory, according to a statement. published by the organization.

It is reported that, seven months after the beginning of Israel's offensive on the Gaza Strip, which has caused more than 36.000 Palestinian deaths, progress must be made in line with international law to end the conflict.

“The Spanish Government has taken a step forward by recognizing the State of Palestine, but we need a complete military embargo to be imposed on Israel,” says Natalia Abu-Sharar, president of the Palestinian Community of Catalonia.

For Abu-Sharar, ending the arms trade with Israel “is not a political or moral option,” but “a legal obligation to guarantee respect for human rights.”

Three ships in the spotlight

The group focuses on the arrival of the Vertom Odette ship, which must arrive at the Spanish port of Cartagena on June 5, while denouncing that it may transport a possible shipment of weapons with a final destination of Israel. It demands that the Government inspect it and certify that it will not reach the Hebrew country.

According to documents accessed by the Solidarity Network against the Occupation of Palestine (Rescop), there is a tender presented by an Israeli arms company to transport weapons, ammunition and explosives from India to Israel. Part of that cargo would be transported on the Vertom Odette.

It is the third ship identified as suspected of carrying weapons to Israel. The other two were the freighter Borkum and the ship Marianne Danica, which were scheduled to stop in Cartagena on May 16 and 17.

The first refused to stop at the Spanish port after the campaign that was unleashed against it, while the second did not do so because the Spanish Government denied permission.

Valid arms export licenses

Likewise, the export of weapons to Israel by Spanish companies is proving controversial. Although these are private companies, they need the approval of the Government to carry out the transactions.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of Spain, José Manuel Albares, stated on different occasions that the Government had not approved any new license for this trade after October 7 of last year. However, those that had been admitted before remain in force.

This circumstance, described by the Palestinian Community as “repeated non-compliance”, will also be recorded in the lawsuit filed this day.


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