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In Bolivia the people defended democracy

President Arce said that petty interests are behind the event

After the attempted coup d'état in Bolivia, the president of that country, Luis Arce, assured that as soon as the events occurred the people "took to the streets to defend democracy," while thanking the solidarity of several countries in the world and international organizations that showed their support.

When referring to the investigations into the attempt, he stated that they are advancing, which will allow us to reach "the real culprits, the intellectual authors."

In an interview with the former Ecuadorian president, Rafael Correa, on the program Conversando con Correa, the Bolivian president assured that behind those facts, which endangered democracy in the South American nation, “someone is behind it, and that someone is the one who finances it, he is the one who promises things.”

He assured that “the motives for this type of thing always have to do with an economic aspect in the end. At least in the history of our country there was always some natural resource behind it, some economic interest that the oligarchies, the castes that governed our country have had at the time or that now want to take over as well.”

On the other hand, the dismissed military chief of the Bolivian Army, Juan José Zúñiga, was presented at the offices of the Special Force to Fight Crime, after being arrested for leading the takeover with a group of soldiers of the headquarters of the Government of Bolivia, in La Paz. The military attacked against the will of the people, and, consequently, against democracy and the constitution of that country.

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