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The Palestinian people also fight at the UN

Waiting for its entry into the multilateral forum as a State with full rights

With more than 35.200 killed by the Israeli Defense Forces in their aggression against the Gaza Strip and millions displaced, it seems that the struggles of the Palestinian people would only be limited to that enclave subjected to incessant bombing.

However, usually the battles for the liberation of people are fought on all fronts, including the diplomatic one, in which sometimes victories are also obtained, such as last Friday the 10th, when the United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution by which it grants Palestine more rights as an observer, although still without granting it full rights as a member state, for which the approval of the Security Council is required, where it is worth remembering that the United States, Israel's main ally, is located. , with its possibility of veto.


The Venezuelan diplomat Ángel Tortolero, when analyzing this decision of the UN General Assembly, warns that “it is only partial in terms of the aspirations of the Palestinian people, which is the obligation to comply with the first resolution of the year 47, 48, when “Both the State of Israel and Palestine were created, but the latter has not happened.”
Palestine, he emphasizes, “has maintained itself as a nation in the concept of cultural, ethnic, and political unity, but in terms of territory we are talking about one divided by Israeli forces in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. It is a thorny issue that in the current international order has the aggravating factor that the decision of the majority of the countries in the world is worth nothing to the Security Council, since the United States is there, which is why there is no firmness in decision-making. regarding the preservation of what could be the Palestinian State.”

The teacher and researcher emphasizes that “in Palestine we are facing a European invasion of its territory. It is not a war against Judaism, Muslims or Christians, who have coexisted since its creation, but rather it is about the criminal actions of the Zionist, fascist Israeli State, which spares no effort in trying to destroy that people, among other things. because in the lands that still remain, 350 square kilometers, its coasts are full of oil and gas and that is why these murderers go against the Palestinian people, because it is a geopolitical, strategic issue.”

Professor Ángel Tortolero emphasizes that “the construction of a State is a debt to Palestine. The proposal is that its territory be consecrated as it was in 1967 and that it be allowed to have its army protecting its borders, in order to achieve peace in the region."


The columnist in different media also remembers that “the Zionist State of Israel is the one that controls the rises and falls in oil prices, because each war action it carries out against Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, causes consternation in those markets, That is to say, this conflict affects all of humanity and favors Western corporations.”

“We are in a focus of geopolitical conflict that, like that of Ukraine against Russia, prevents the formation of a new international order, multipolarity, respect for multiculturalism and self-determination. “Palestine is a conflict based on an unjust war, which will be corrected to the extent that we can correct the imbalances that exist in the current international order,” he concluded.

The arrogance of a messianic regime in crisis

The image of the representative of Israel, Gilard Erdan, shredding the UN Charter when the resolution was approved recommending the granting of Member State status to Palestine, is in some way that of the arrogance with which that country, together with its main ally, the United States, have seen the issue of this massacred people for more than 7 decades, since 1948.

Gilard Erdan tears up UN letter

On November 29, 2012, that General Assembly, with 138 votes in favor, 9 against and 41 abstentions, approved giving the status of an observer, non-member State, to Palestine and in recent weeks numerous nations have expressed their decision. to recognize it as such.

The Zionism that dominates Israel, as Chilean analyst Nicola Hadwa highlights, does not accept this condition because “it is a messianic, segregationist ideology that seeks the creation of a state from the Nile to the Euphrates.”

However, internally, Benjamin Netanyahu's government faces serious problems, because “Israeli society wants an end to the war, to settle the conflict with the Palestinians and to live in peace. It is a country that is falling apart: Zionist Jews, almost a million, are leaving abroad. 60% of the foreign population is asking for a passport at their embassies to return to their nations,” Hadwa explains.

And that, without forgetting the demonstrations that thousands of people have carried out against Netanyahu for months.

Aggression is also about oil

Oil and gas as parts of war

The approach to the issue of the Palestinian State at the UN, after the thousands of victims that the aggression in Gaza has caused in recent months, also has another factor behind it, as recalled by Chilean international analyst Nicola Hadwa, who emphasizes that it must be studied. “in the general context: the relationship between European countries and Ukraine.

When they embarked on blocking the purchase of oil and gas from Russia, they were counting on the United States to supply them, but that has implied a tremendous increase in prices” and that made them turn “to their military base in Western Asia, Israel. , to try to take over Gaza”, and reduce costs.

“The United States does not want the creation of a Palestinian State with all its rights in the United Nations; The Europeans see that the only real possibility of calming Western Asia and returning to normal supply from that area to Europe is to end the conflict once and for all and for that they consider that the best option that the criminal state of Israel has is accept a Palestinian State,” explains Hadwa, an engineer expert in Foreign Trade, who maintains that 78% of the territory, the richest lands, would remain in the hands of Israel.

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