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The world celebrates the release of Julian Assange

Líderworld leaders celebrate the decision, while their captors remain silent.

The announcement of the agreement reached by Julian Assange with the United States Department of Justice by which he will be released after pleading guilty to a crime of leaking national security information, has provoked a wave of celebratory political reactions, although the polarizing nature of The figure has also been evidenced by some criticism.

In his native Australia, where he is expected to arrive this Wednesday from the Mariana Islands, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has declared that “regardless of the opinions people have about Mr. Assange and his activities, the case has dragged on too long. There is nothing to gain by keeping him imprisoned, he has said.

The most effusive voices for his liberation have been raised líderIt is from the global left. The president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, has declared that “the world is a little better and less unfair” and has assured that his release and return home, “although late, represent a victory for democracy and the fight for Press freedom".

Meanwhile, the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, has said that “Assange's eternal imprisonment and torture was an attack on press freedom on a global scale.” Petro has also written that “denouncing the massacre of civilians in Iraq by the US war effort was his crime” and added: “now the massacre is repeated in Gaza.”

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro expressed his joy after hearing the news and wrote on his X account: “On behalf of the people of Venezuela we embrace and congratulate Julian Assange on his release. It is the triumph of freedom and humanity's fight for respect for Human Rights. Assange is an example of courage and bravery in the battle for the truth. Justice will always prevail!”

In Mexico, both President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the new líder elected of the country, Claudia Sheinbaum, have shown their joy in messages on X. “At least in this case, the Statue of Liberty did not remain an empty symbol; "She is alive and happy like millions in the world," wrote the líder of Morena, making a reference to himself after having said two years ago that if Assange was deported and imprisoned, a campaign would have to be started to “dismantle” the iconic monument.

From the United Nations, a spokesperson for the Human Rights Office has welcomed Assange's departure from Belmarsh, the maximum security prison in London where he has spent the last five years. According to a statement sent to AFP by that spokesperson, Liz Throssell, the case and Assange's "prolonged imprisonment" raised "a series of doubts regarding human rights."

USA Bipolar?

In the United States, the reactions have shown the significance of the figure of Assange, who has always been defended by progressives and activists for freedom of the press but who also in recent years has been embraced as an emblem by the political and media sector of the extreme right, showing an evolution of the Republican Party since the arrival of Trump where traditional republicanism firmly allied with militarism and the intelligence community loses weight.

Although Assange was indicted during Trump's term, several Republicans from the radical wing most aligned with the former president and presidential candidate have celebrated the release of the WikiLeaks founder. Ultra congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has denounced that she was “held for years for the crime of doing journalism”, the same idea that her colleague Thomas Massie has replicated, who has also taken the opportunity to advocate for the withdrawal of charges against Edward Snowden, also persecuted. by the US and a refugee in Russia.

This is the same thing that the independent candidate for November Robert Kennedy Jr. has done. For his part, Cornell West, the progressive academic who is also running as a presidential candidate, has said that Assange should be “forgiven immediately because he did not commit any crime” and “ “It simply exposed the barbaric crimes of the American empire.”


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