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Díaz-Canel mocks the supposed Chinese “military bases” in Cuba

The Cuban president used a meme to ironize the US press version of China's military presence on the island.

The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, joked this Wednesday on social networks about the version of the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal about the alleged existence of Chinese military bases in the country.

On his X social network account, the president posted an image of a “made in China” baseball base, along with a ball and a glove.

“Chinese bases installed in Cuba,” says the meme shared by Díaz-Canel in white letters.

This Tuesday, an article published by The Wall Street Journal indicated that there are listening stations in Chinese military bases in Cuban territory, a version that has already been discarded by both governments.

The same day, the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Carlos Fernández de Cossío, denied the accusations of the North American press and questioned the media's intentions.

“The Wall Street Journal persists in launching an intimidation campaign related to Cuba. Without citing a verifiable source or showing evidence, it seeks to scare the public with legends about Chinese military bases that do not exist and no one has seen, including the US Embassy in Cuba,” said the official from his X account. Meanwhile, this Wednesday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that the island's own authorities said that Washington's claims are unfounded. From Beijing they denounce the North American country's attempts to illegally interfere in the internal affairs of the Caribbean nation for more than 100 years.


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