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Rightist José Raúl Mulino assumes the presidency of Panama

The main challenges of his mandate are located in the immigration issue and the rescue of the economy.

This Monday, José Raúl Mulino assumed the presidency of Panama for the period 2024-2029 with the commitment to boost the economy and repatriate migrants from the lush Darién jungle, bordering Colombia.

“I swear to God and to the country, to faithfully comply with the Constitution and the laws of the Republic,” said Mulino when receiving the presidential sash at an event held at the Anayansi Theater of the Atlapa Convention Center, in Panama City.

Later, when delivering his speech to the nation, he promised to work “hard” so that all Panamanians “have a better country in which to grow, live with dignity and develop their talents.”

Likewise, he commented that with his government team he will “turn the economy around” and “start progress.”

“I come with a new dynamic and executive team and I am very clear about how I am going to ignite the economy and put money in the pockets of the people, so leave in peace,” said Mulino.

He also assured that with his government team he will “turn the economy around and we will start progress.”

“I ask the incoming ministers and officials before the entire nation to commit to doing it differently. Help me to once again extol the value of public service and let us emerge in five years with our heads held high, having been part of a true transformation of the country,” he emphasized.

Mulino pointed out that in Panama “a comprehensive reform of the State is necessary” and, therefore, he will make announcements about it “in due course.”

The Panamanian economy is dependent on services and is hard hit by factors such as the Canal water crisis that forced vessel transit to be restricted, or the closure last year, amid a legal and social controversy, of the large Copper mine. Panama, from the Canadian First Quantum Minerals, a business that accounted for almost 5% of the country's gross domestic product (GDP).

This 65-year-old lawyer and former Minister of Security, was sworn in after being elected on May 5. His candidacy came to replace that of former president Ricardo Martinelli (2009-2014), who could not attend the elections after having received a conviction for money laundering.


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