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They report that in Peru 18 women disappear a day

The figure increased 10 percent compared to those registered during 2023.

The Peruvian Ombudsman's Office reported today that the number of missing women increased to 695 cases in the first five months of the year, which gives an average of 18 per day.

The periodic report, called “What happened to them,” alerted the authorities about the fact and specified that the figure increased 10 percent compared to the 445 cases registered in 2023.

It adds that last May there were 626 alerts of disappearances of women, of which 606 (67 percent) correspond to girls and adolescents.

“According to the report, only in May of this year there were 606 alert notes of women reported missing, of which 67% corresponded to girls and adolescent women. This figure is very similar to that reported in April, in which the alerts of missing women totaled 626 cases,” the Ombudsman's Office noted in its monthly report.

Faced with "these alarming figures", the Ombudsman's Office considered it urgent that the Ministry of the Interior adapt the Regulations of Legislative Decree 1428, whose objective is to develop measures to address cases of disappearance of people in vulnerable situations.

The report also states that from January to May of this year, 64 women were murdered, three more than in the same period last year.

Finally, the Ombudsman's Office reiterated the request to the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police of Peru (PNP) so that this institution can have a line body specialized in the search for missing people.

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