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Cuba demands an end to genocidal measures against it

Cuban authorities denounce that the island's inclusion on the list of countries that sponsor terrorism constitutes one of the main genocidal tools of the United States.

The end of the genocidal measures of the United States against Cuba, such as its inclusion in the list of countries that supposedly sponsor terrorism, demanded a senior official from the Foreign Ministry of the Caribbean island.

Johana Tablada, general director of the United States Directorate in the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, explained that the recent exclusion from the group of nations that "do not fully cooperate in the fight against terrorism" does not mean their elimination from the general relationship of the Department of State imposing measures against the island.

“This unilateral measure constitutes one of the main genocidal tools of the White House to suffocate the Cuban people and persists despite the fact that more and more voices are being raised against such injustice,” the diplomat said in statements to Canal Caribe, Cuban national television.

Tablada added that Washington uses the inclusion in the aforementioned list as "justification for the unilateral coercive measures that derive from them, which are associated with the purpose of suffocating the economy and holding the Government responsible for their impact."

The official stressed that the White House “simultaneously promotes a well-financed systematic communications operation in the mainstream press and on digital platforms,” in order to place the blame on the country that is the victim of the impact of these measures, which are “inhumane and "They significantly affect the population."

The diplomat concluded by emphasizing that “keeping Cuba on that list, in addition to being an immoral act, constitutes a violation of the most basic rights of all the people,” which is why she demanded that it be excluded immediately.

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