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UN Security Council approves Gaza truce proposal

It is the fourth resolution of this type to be approved, but Israel has not complied with any of them.

The UN Security Council approved this Monday a resolution presented by the United States in support of the truce proposal announced by President Joe Biden on May 31, which establishes a three-phase plan to end the conflict. the war in Gaza.

The resolution, approved by 14 votes in favor with the only abstention from Russia, is already the fourth approved in the Security Council related to the war in Gaza, although the previous three have remained a dead letter when Israel refuses to stop the offensive in Gaza. the Palestinian territory.

The document “sends a clear message to Hamas: to accept the ceasefire on the table. “Israel has already given its approval to the agreement, and the fighting could stop today if Hamas does the same,” said the US ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, although the Government of the Jewish State has so far been ambiguous about the terms of that plan.

In substance, the resolution, which obtains unprecedented and almost unanimous support, calls for approving this truce proposal that calls for “an immediate ceasefire and the release of the hostages” in the hands of Hamas.

The US resolution had already been circulating among members for a week, and although it initially contained demands directed only at Hamas, the final version “urges both parties to implement the terms (of the proposal) without delay nor conditions.”

What Israel and Gaza don't like

The approved text has an unequivocal "rejection of any attempt at territorial or demographic modification in Gaza, including any action to reduce the territory", a message aimed at the 'hard wing' of the Israeli government and that can thus garner support among Arab countries. .

In its last paragraph, it reiterates “the importance of unifying Gaza and the West Bank under the Palestinian Authority” (PA), which implicitly means leaving Hamas out, one of the most controversial points given the lack of acceptance of the PA among Palestinians in Loop.

“Now we are all waiting, waiting for Hamas to agree to the ceasefire that it claims to want, but we cannot allow ourselves to wait and wait,” the ambassador stressed.

And he summarized the peace plan - which Biden presented in his first moment as an Israeli, although it seems more a product of the will of the US -: “This agreement will bring home the hostages, guarantees Israel's security, allows for an increase humanitarian aid and essential services such as electricity, medical services and debris removal, as well as setting the stage for a political settlement,” Thomas-Greenfield said.

Previously there have been three resolutions on the war in Gaza; in November, December and March - which called for the cessation of hostilities or the entry of humanitarian aid - but none has been applied on the ground, despite its theoretically binding nature.

More than 37 thousand dead in Gaza

The number of victims in 247 days of incessant air attacks and Israeli artillery bombardments in the occupied Gaza Strip has increased to today to 37.084 dead and 84.494 injured, says the Health authority of the occupied Palestinian enclave.

At least 283 people died in the Gaza Strip during the last 24 hours, bringing the number of Palestinian victims in the war between Israel and the Hamas movement to more than 37.000, the Gaza Ministry of Health reported.

On the last day, 698 people were wounded by Israeli fire in this operation, and the total number of wounded since October 7 rose to 84.494 throughout the territory, most of them women and children, according to the ministry.

Taking these figures into account, in the last 24 hours 283 Gazans were killed and another 814 wounded throughout Gaza.


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