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International community condemns coup d'état in Bolivia

Group of Puebla, Celac and ALBA Movements; among others, they have joined in the condemnation of the alleged Coup d'état by some military units

This Wednesday, the international community condemned the alleged coup d'état by “some military units” of the Army against the Government of Bolivia headed by President Luis Arce.

The Puebla Group repudiated the irregular mobilization of the military units commanded by Division General Juan José Zúñiga that headed towards Plaza Murillo, headquarters of some of the House of the People, the Plurinational Legislative Assembly and the Bolivian Chancellery, he said. Telesur.

“We condemn the anti-democratic uprising of some units of the Bolivian Army,” El Grupo de Pueblo published on the X network, while sending forces to President Arce and the líder indigenous, Evo Morales “to the people and Bolivian democracy.”

The Puebla Group also denounced this June 26 that Bolivia's democracy "is at risk", after the statements of the coup general "has publicly revealed his intention to stop and prevent a possible candidacy of Evo Morales in the next presidential elections." of 2025.”

“That is why we repudiate such a statement and call on the international democratic community to continue to pay attention and denounce any attempt to intervene by the armed forces in the process of electing civil society authorities,” he said in a statement.

CELAC called an emergency meeting

For its part, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) urgently summons the presidents of the member countries, “to condemn the fascism that today attacks democracy in Bolivia and demand full respect for civil power and the Constitution. ”said its president, Xiomara Castro.

In that sense, he stressed that the military forces “have once again carried out a criminal Coup d'état. We express our unconditional support to the brother people of Bolivia, to President Arce.”

ALBA Movements warned against this new coup attempt

Meanwhile, ALBA Movements warned against this new attempt at a coup d'état in Bolivia “against democratic institutions, and we reject any attempt to break the constitutional order that the Bolivian people have defended with organization and popular mobilization since the recovery of democracy in 2020, after the coup d'état promoted by US imperialism against Evo Morales."

Likewise, the International People's Assembly in which they pointed out how “the Coup d'état is taking place in Bolivia, this is the 2nd coup d'état since 2019 that overthrew former President Evo Morales in a plot supported by the United States government and Elon Musk.”

While the ALBA-TCP expressed “its support for the Constitutional President, Luis Arce, and for Bolivian democracy.”

The líderHe is from the region, they repudiate the attempt

The elected president of Mexico, Claudia Sheinbaum, called the uprising of some units of the Bolivian Armed Forces “an attack against democracy.” “We strongly condemn these events. Our unconditional support to President Luís Arce and his people. Our support for the positioning of the government of Mexico,” she expressed on her X social network account.

For his part, Mexican President López Obrador rejected “the attempted coup d'état in Bolivia. Our total support and support for President Luis Alberto Arce Catacora, authentic democratic authority of that brotherly town and country.”

“The outrage against democracy and the Bolivian people shown in the images of international media this afternoon in #Bolivia. We repudiate the attempted coup d'état underway and extend all the solidarity of the Cuban Government and people to our brother @LuchoXBolivia“said the president of Cuba, Díaz Canel.

The governments of Guatemala and Paraguay reaffirmed their support for Arce and made strong calls to respect both democracy and the rule of law.
“Paraguay condemns the irregular mobilizations of the Bolivian army denounced by President Luis Arce. We make a strong call to respect democracy and the rule of law,” wrote the Paraguayan president, Santiago Peña, on social networks.

The president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, highlighted that his Government expressed its support for democracy “in the brother country and for the legitimate government of President Luis Arce.”

“We strongly condemn the unacceptable action of force by a sector of that country's army. We cannot tolerate any breach of the legitimate constitutional order in Bolivia or anywhere else,” he wrote on his X account.

Likewise, the vice president of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, David Choquehuanca, joined in, denouncing to the international community that in Bolivia there is a coup d'état "against our democratically elected government."

The president of Brazil, Lula Da Silva, joined this line in condemning the Coup. “We condemn any form of coup d'état in Bolivia and reaffirm our commitment to the people and democracy of our brother country.”

The president of Colombia Gustavo Petro invited “all the Bolivian people to the democratic resistance.” In that sense he said that “Latin America must unite in favor of democracy. The Colombian embassy must grant refuge to those persecuted.”

Finally, the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, stated that after holding a phone call with President Arce, “Venezuela denounced a coup d'état against Bolivian democracy,” by some military forces that have betrayed their oath of loyalty to the State, he said.

“We call on the people of Bolivia to defend their democracy, their constitution and their president,” Maduro urged while recalling that this is the path that “fascists and extremists want.”

Bolivia recovered its democracy in November 2020 after having suffered a civic-military coup a year earlier that established a de facto government. “Now, with the institutions of the rule of law fully governing, it is inadmissible for the leader of the Bolivian army to threaten to take up arms to prevent a citizen from running for president of the country,” said the Puebla Group, when referring to the possible candidacy. of former president Evo Morales Ayma.

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